A decade of Apple Car rumors

Apple has been working on a car for almost a decade. The first rumors started in 2008, and the project has been codenamed "Titan."

Apple's newest project, the iWatch, is similar to many others.

Apple Car

It has been almost a decade in the making. This is the story to date, starting from when Apple first started working on it.

Apple's Car, which is reported to be self-driving and have a radical new design that differs greatly from conventional cars, has a radical look. Apple's next growth step could be to develop a self-driving car.

Apple was rumored to be in trouble by 2021.


Apple Car is a real thing. The Apple Car was a hot topic. Interest in this product has been sustained since.

Many analysts offered their opinion on Apple entering a new industry. However, some were pessimistic about the timing. Early reports suggested that the Apple Car would be produced in 2024. However, analysts warned that the immaturity and lack of experience with self-driving technology could delay the release or limit the features.

Analysts changed their predictions as time went on. In some cases, they predicted beyond 2025. There have been many claims about employees joining, leaving, changing key personnel and even putting the project on hold.

Apple has been working on this concept for eight years and invested billions in the project. Many other people have done the same.

patent filings

Apple's continued work on the redesign of the car concept throughout the period.

Apple's extensive history of reporting suggests that the company could enter the automotive market relatively quickly.

This is a list of rumors and reports that have been made about the car, and "Project Titan", in general. It covers everything from the initial murmurs to the most recent rumors.

Apple's auto project was first mentioned in the fall of 2014, when


Apple is currently recruiting engineers. The rumors that engineers were being hired for "Titan" were not verified and so were not published.

Other sources and outlets confirmed the details months later, which indicated that there was some truth in what was said, as well the name "Project Titan".


March 2015

Apple's offices in Sunnyvale in California were believed to be working on a new electric vehicle. The building, which was reportedly the headquarters of a market-research firm named "SixtyEight," was known as "SG5" internally and was located amongst other Apple offices.


The story was broken by visiting the site and inspecting the buildings and documents.

Sources claim Apple received shipments for the project in this building. Apple's office complex consisted of 7 buildings totaling almost 300,000 sq. ft., although many were used to perform other tasks.

Apple reportedly occupies offices in Sunnyvale

The building permit for tenant improvements for the "One" at street number "175" included a 4,239 square foot "repair-garage". A visit in person revealed that it was the home of "SixtyEight research."

Apple employees were apparently told to reverse their badges when entering the building as part of the secrecy surrounding the project. The badges given to guests were the same as those at Apple's headquarters, but they were without Apple logos.

The use of frosted security cameras and frosted glass suggests that the firm is more secretive than a typical research company. The paper on the door told drivers that the lobby had been moved to another address. It was a building owned by Apple.

"SixtyEight LLC", registered in Delaware, was licensed in California as a foreign company in November 2014 after it had been registered in Delaware. It is possible that Apple used shell companies to conceal secret projects in the past.

Apple Design Chief Jony Ive is said to be fond of the Fiat 500. This could also be a connection with Apple.

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February 2015

Apple reportedly had "several hundreds" of employees working on this project in its own development center, away from Infinite Loop's main campus. According to the report, Steve Zadesky, iPod and iPhone designer was in charge of the project and had been given carte blanche to recruit talent from other Apple groups.

Among the hirings of automotive executives, allegedly, was former Mercedes-Benz R&D chief Johann Jungwirth. He joined the company in fall 2014 as a Mac Systems Engineering leader.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Also claimed

Apple has tried to "very hard" poach engineers by offering them 60% pay increases and $250,000 in bonuses.

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February 2015

Apple registered at least one minivan spotted in California.

Apple's alleged testbed from 2015

The vehicles were equipped with an X-shaped luggage rack frame, dark recesses, which appeared to be cameras, disc antennas and a sensor mounted on the rear wheels. The spinning cylindrical devices at the front and back appeared to be LiDAR sensor.

Apple may have used the cars to test self-driving vehicles in the future.


August 2015

According to a LinkedIn profile update, Tesla Senior Engineer Jamie Carlson has switched sides and joined Apple.

Carlson has joined Apple, along with six other new hires who have experience in developing self-driving vehicles.

Other potential self-driving vehicle hires are being considered a month later

were revealed

The team includes automotive algorithm and image experts from diverse institutions and backgrounds.

Apple's theft of Tesla employees was reportedly beginning to affect Tesla's profitability.

Product roadmap

Some have suggested that rumors about the Model 3's delay were caused by the departure of Tesla employees to Apple.

AppleInsider reveals early evidence of Apple's auto project

Apple has been reported to have volunteered their services in order to help test "Project Titan."

August 2015

Apple was in discussions to rent a 2,100 acre property near San Francisco. Apple met with GoMentum Station (a former naval station) to discuss using the property as a testing ground for autonomous vehicles.

Unusually, an official from GoMentum Station confirmed that the company had held talks with Apple and signed a non-disclosure agreement.

According to reports, the facility included highway overpasses and railway crossings as well as other road features that make it a great place for testing autonomous vehicle systems.

Apple faced a few roadblocks if it wanted to build a complete vehicle, confided a source.


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September 2015

It may be forced to work with a partner who is well-established because of problems.

Apple could have sought a partnership to shorten the time to market, based on its supposed timeline for project creation. This would've seen it try to begin manufacturing in five years.

Apple was reportedly aiming to a

2019 shipment date

The vehicle did not meet the schedule.

There were also problems in planning a potential manufacturing site. Apple acquired a 43-acre plot of land in San Jose a month earlier, and at that time it was viewed as a potential location for assembly or development.

Apple was also said to have considered the BMW i3 for this project. The two companies were also allegedly in discussions at the time but without reaching an agreement.

Apple lawyers meet with California DMV

September 2019

The DMV has released its rules and guidelines on road-based testing of self-driving vehicles.

The rules were said to force Apple to register a vehicle publicly, confirming that development was in progress and removing some secrecy surrounding the project.

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October 2015

Elon Musk claimed that Apple hired Tesla's fired employees in an interview. We always call Apple, jokingly, the Tesla Graveyard. Apple is the next best thing if you can't get ahead at Tesla. Musk said: "I'm not kidding."

Musk said that cars were "very complex" compared to smartphones or phones, warning that it would be a difficult project to undertake. He also noted that Apple was investing in the right direction.

Musk performed on Twitter after the publication of the report.

Damage control

"I don't hate Apple," you say. It's an amazing company with many talented people. "I love their products, and I'm happy they're doing EV."

Apple's efforts to bring on more engineers continued through the end of 2015. However, there were some collateral damages along the way.

Mission Motors

A startup for electric motorcycles filed for bankruptcy in Septembre after its top engineers left to join Apple. The company's 35 employees made it vulnerable to the loss of key personnel.


Jonathan Cohen

, a former Director of its CUDA Library and Software Solutions Machine Learning Program, which includes computer-vision technologies that would be the core of a self driving vehicle system.

Jonathan Cohen, the director of Nvidia's deep learning program, had experience in vehicle computer vision.

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Ronan O Braonain, who previously worked as a BMW software engineer and CTO for EV fleet solutions company Vision Fleet, has also mentioned areas where he would like to continue working for Apple. He had previously worked at BMW as a computer scientist, for digital license plates company Reviver, and for Vision Fleet.

Apple acquired several companies in January 2016.

New domain names

Apple usually registers and buys domains names as a defensive measure, even if they don't intend to use them. However, one batch of trademarks it purchased indicated that it could be used in the automotive industry.

Apple.cars, Apple.car and apple.auto were all on the list.

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January 2016

Reports claimed Apple was renting office space in Kanata. This is a suburb near Ottawa, Canada, which was also home to BlackBerry QNX Software Systems. Apple was said to be keen to use this property to develop automotive-related software.

Apple's proximity to BlackBerry's automotive teams gave it the chance to hire more employees who have self-driving car experience.

In January 2016, there were reports that Steve Zadesky, the project leader, was telling his colleagues he would be leaving.

Leaving the company

The decision was based on "personal reasons".

Around the same time, it appears that "Project Titan" was also apparently withdrawn.

at a crossroads

After a post-holiday review of progress, I've "expressed my displeasure", at the group’s progress.

The hiring freeze prevented more people from joining the group. At the time, it was believed that the group had more than 1,000 members.

In February and March 2016, a number developments were reported relating to properties that were allegedly connected to Apple Car's development in Sunnyvale.

In February, an article was published detailing the complaint of a city resident

over motor noises

The property is noisy late at night. It's possible that the noises were caused by vehicle development, but it's also plausible that they came from renovations.

Two projects

The Sunnyvale City Manager's Office at the time highlighted how Apple was awarded a permit to build a nearby facility with 9,600 square feet of office space and that another Apple would be moving into a Maxim Integrated-occupied building.

Apple needed additional space and leased a former Pepsi Bottling Warehouse in Sunnyvale.

The building would be used as an "auto-testing center" to test new electronic technologies integrated into high end cars.

Apple leased more space in March.

96,000 square-foot

Sunnyvale warehouse, which was formerly a Pepsi Bottling Plant.

Apple has been using iPhones since April.


From Greek mythology, the term "Pegasus" is used to describe facilities located in this area.

According to a report published in April 2016, Apple employed 15-20 "top-class" employees from Germany's automotive industry.

secret car lab

Berlin, Germany

The lab, rather than being a traditional structure of engineers, was described as an "incubator", where ideas about vehicles, manufacturing partnerships and other topics could be developed. Managers were not to hold back the engineers, who were to be "progressive" thinkers and "young professional" with diverse backgrounds.

Former VP of Vehicle Engineering, former Tesla VP, was the first to join Apple in April 2016.

Chris Porritt

He was slated to work at Apple on "special project" and possibly replace Zadesky.

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Hire a pair

Apple's "Product Realization Lab" has been boosted by two new employees. David Masiukiewicz was a former Tesla R&D hardware prototype CNC programmer, and Kevin Harvey, CNC machine shop supervisor at Andretti autosport.

Apple reported that it had hired employees by May.

Kurt Adelberger

A Google patent application revealed the existence of an electric vehicle.

Apple's desire to acquire an iPhone was reported to be in May 2016.


A plot of land located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Comments were made by CEO Victor Coleman during an earnings call for Hudson Pacific Properties. He said that he had seen a "definitive move" by self-driving cars firms to buy real estate. He referred to Toyota, Tesla and other major automakers before mentioning Google's search, "and the 800,000.00 square feet Apple is looking to acquire for its autonomous cars."

Apple made a

Investment of $1 Billion

Apple CEO said that the major investment was made for several reasons.

Tim Cook

"Including a chance for you to learn more about specific segments of the China Market."

Apple CEO Tim Cook with Didi Chuxing President Jean Liu

Apple has a lot to gain by partnering with a vehicle-based service. It can also get a source for research, and even a future Apple Car client.

Apple invested in Didi Chuxing the same month.

Talks with companies

A report stated that the company provided charging stations for vehicles and hired engineers on the ground.

Apple was reportedly talking to firms to get more information on the technology that they used, but firms were apparently wary about oversharing as they viewed Apple as a possible competitor.

The discussion was not about providing charging stations for employees but rather to benefit its electric car program.

Former executive and hardware engineer

Bob Mansfield

In July 2016, it was reported that he had returned to prominence in the company, taking charge of the electric car project.

Mansfield had planned to retire in June 2012. However, a month later he remained as Cook's advisor. He was appointed Senior Vice President of Technologies. He left the position in July 2013 but continued working on "special project" for the company.

Around the corner

Same time

Apple has hired Dan Dodge, a high-profile employee. He was the founder and former CEO QNX. He left BlackBerry in early 2011 to join Apple.

In the months that followed, Mansfield's appointment as project manager led to several changes. In August, Apple computer vision expert

Bart Nabbe

Faraday Future, a rival electric car manufacturer, is on the left.

Apple will be releasing a new product every month.

The firing of dozens employees

As part of a "reboot", and a refocus on the technology that underlies autonomous vehicles, the project was refocused away from the car. The exodus had reached a major level by October.


Reports indicate that employees are either leaving on their own, being reassigned or getting cut.

The remaining staff was apparently given an end-of-2017 deadline to prove that the self driving technology of the project is practical.

Around this time, reports on the car's appearance began to fade and the focus shifted to self-driving technologies. Patent filings did show some designs, but the development of an Apple-designed car seemed to have stalled.

The most

Public confirmation

Apple, as part of its vehicle work, submitted a policy update proposal to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in November 2016. The proposed policy update would grant newcomers to the industry the same opportunities for public road tests as established manufacturers.

In the statement, it was suggested that while existing policies were safe and flexible, they could be changed to allow other companies to participate.

Apple has lost one employee and gained another in a short time.

Former Porsche LMP1 project technical director and race director Alexander Hitzinger

In December 2016, the year saw the arrival

Alexander Hitzinger

The former race director and technical director for the Porsche LMP1 program. The 919 hybrid sportscar was also developed.

In January 2017, Tesla scored a major victory by hiring Swift creator

Chris Lattner

Apple. Lattner would join Tesla's Autopilot team.

The US Department of Transportation has established an

Advisory Committee

For self-driving cars in January 2017. The group's main focus is "the development and deployment of automated vehicle, as well as determining the Department's needs while it continues to carry out its relevant research and policy."

Apple's VP Lisa Jackson appeared on the list along with other government officials and auto figures. This gave Apple some influence over policy decisions.

Didi Chuxing opened its first office in March 2017.

Artificial intelligence lab

Mountain View, California. The lab will develop AI-based intelligent driving systems as well as transportation security.

It was also interesting that Didi was the former recipient of Apple's investment.

Apple is reportedly recruiting for a new position.

Research facility

A report claims that in March 2017 in Switzerland, 10 doctoral and postdoctoral students with experience in computer vision and robotics left the university for a lab. According to a report, "at least" 10 students with expertise in computer vision and robots from ETH Zurich have moved into the lab.

It is possible that the group included experts working under ETH Professor Roland Siegwart of Autonomous Systems, who confirmed that five of his former students left for corporate jobs, but did not confirm they went to Apple.

Apple has been moving more towards self-driving car technology in April 2017 than ever before. This is due to the fact that it gained a lot of traction.

California DMV permit

The permit was issued for the purpose of testing vehicles on public roads. The permit covered six Lexus RX450h SUVs, three Lexus RX450hs and three Lexus RX450hs.

Safety pilots

Though they would grow in number down the road.

The same month


Apple's self driving car platform has been leaked. It shows training and actions, as well as the use of Logitech pedals and wheel.

Apple's Lexus was used as the vehicle for the first official tests of Apple's self-driving cars.

On April 17, the cars will be banned.


Apple vehicles were spotted on Silicon Valley streets. The roof testbed included LiDAR, radar arrays and multiple cameras.

Apple has written a new article before the end of this month.


In an effort to reduce public exposure, Apple altered protocols and reporting requirements relating to “disengagement reports”. Apple wanted to alter the reporting in order to eliminate planned testing and other operational constraints which would force the system to fail, and the test pilot take over.

After WWDC 2017, Cook

Answers to your questions

Apple's plans for cars was the subject of a question. He replied that Apple is "focusing" on autonomous systems, which he called "a core technology".

We'll see what happens. He added that "we're not saying what we'll do from the product perspective" as a way to disclaim future product development.

A June 2017 report reveals an unlikely pair

You can claim your right to claim

Apple worked with Hertz, a rental car company, to test its self-driving tech on the streets.

According to reports, the partnership included leasing a "small car fleet" from Hertz using the same Lexus model as the company uses for its own testing.

Apple reportedly worked with a Chinese company to drive its electric vehicle.

Improved battery technologies

Apple's ambitions to design cars aren't entirely extinguished. The report suggests that Apple is still exploring the possibilities.

In July 2017, it was reported that Apple had signed a contract with China's CATL for battery research. However, the automotive component was not confirmed.

In August 2017, a report claimed that Apple was working with a well-established automaker to develop a self driving shuttle service.



The shuttle, which stands for Palo Alto To Infinite Loop (Palo Alto to Infinite Loop), would transport employees and supplies between offices. At the time of its launch, neither its timing nor its partner was known.

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Sensor testbed

Apple's fleet of vehicles was upgraded in August 2017 with a new LiDAR system, GPS and other components. Apple continued to test the same Lexus, but this newer version was seen.

The second Project Titan Testbed was smaller and more compact.

The newer testbed, which was smaller and mounted on the roof of the vehicle rather than a large frame with mounting components everywhere, was compact.

By October, the a


The car was uncovered to reveal the testbed.

Apples in August 2017

Starting to Hire

The company is rehiring staff, but this time with the aim of using the technology on the ride-hailing industry. After the layoffs of the previous year, the team was still "suffering" from a confusion of purpose. However, the new hiring process focused more on the self driving platform than vehicle design.

Apple tried to hire more employees, but a group consisting of 17 engineers was able to do the same.

jumped ship

The same month. Zoox, a self-driving car company, has acquired the group that specializes in automotive systems such as braking, suspension and other components.

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November 2017

Reports claimed Apple was leasing an old Fiat Chrysler test facility in Surprise, Arizona to test its platform for self-driving cars. Apple is said to have hired test engineers and technicians to work at other sites like this in Arizona. The operation will continue to test its self-driving system.

The ground was leased by Route 14 Investment Partners LLC. This company has been incorporated in Delaware under the Corporation Trust Company since 2015. This could be an indication of another Apple shell company.

It is claimed that the location can be used to test in a variety of ways. This includes a wet weather simulator, real-world driving at intersections and crosswalks, as well as utilizing a speed circle.

Apple researchers revealed details about their work on autonomous vehicle systems at the end of 2017.

You can also find out more about the A-Team here.

Research Paper for November

Explained how LiDAR could be used to perform 3D object detection, which can improve driving systems' ability to read the road. This includes using 3D point clouds to create 3D shapes and a trainable architecture for 3D shape recognition.

Apple was more transparent about its research on self-driving vehicles in late 2017.

Apple AI Research Director Ruslan Salkhutdinov, who spoke in December at the NIPS Machine Learning Conference about other

Unpublicized areas

The camera-based recognition system detects objects, even if they are obscured by rain or parked cars.

Apple announced in an official DMV filing that it had purchased a new DMV.

27 Self-driving Vehicles

The previous total was three. Two months later, this number jumped to

45 Cars

The fleet is the second largest behind Cruise's 110 vehicles.

It grew again two months later to

55 Vehicles

By July, there were 83 licensed drivers.

66 vehicles

There are 111 drivers registered. Apple owned a large portion of the self driving population at that time. The DMV issued 56 testing permits, and approved 468 vehicles.

Apple has signed a contract in April 2018

John Giannandrea

He is working on the machine learning and AI strategies at Microsoft. He was part of Metaweb and led Google's AI push for its products.

Giannandrea, who was Google's head of AI and search, is most likely to have played a major role at Apple, primarily focusing on Siri. He may also have been involved in Project Titan.

Reports on the

PAIL shuttles

Apple is working on a project with Volkswagen after discussions with BMW and other automakers failed.

PAIL is said to be using Volkswagen Transporter vans.

According to the project, a number Volkswagen T6 Transporter Vans would be used for its shuttle. They were outfitted with special dashboards, seats and an electric battery.

In June 2018,

Jamie Waydo

She was a senior engineer at Alphabet’s Waymo and moved to Apple. She was allegedly in charge of checking the safety and reliability of prototypes, as well as advising the company when it was safe for real-world road testing to begin.

Waydo worked previously for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Former Apple hardware engineer Xiaolang Zhang

The arrest of a person

At San Jose International Airport, in July 2018, a man tried to fly from San Jose to Beijing, China. Zhang was accused of stealing Apple's trade secrets.

Zhang was charged with federal theft of trade secrets, which carries a recommended penalty of 10 years in prison, a fine of $250,000, a $100 assessment and three years of supervision.

Zhang, who was a member of Project Titan's Compute Team, designed circuit boards to analyze sensor data, had previously left Apple for a paternity break to visit China. Upon his return, Zhang informed his supervisor that he would leave and plan to care for his mother. During this meeting, he told a supervisor that he would be joining Chinese startup Xmotors.

Apple noticed unusual download activity when he returned company-issued equipment, suggesting he had downloaded data that he was not supposed to have. Zhang was caught by security cameras and badge swipes in the company labs while on paternity leave. After a confrontation, Zhang admitted to being there and taking items such as two circuit boards and an linux server.

Zhang pleaded

Not guilty

Theft of trade secrets is a serious crime.

The hiring war between Apple & Tesla in August 2018 resulted, in an unusual but inevitable situation, with one employee returning from the other.

Doug Field

After almost five years with Tesla,, who was formerly the VP of Mac Hardware Engineering at Apple, has returned to the company.

Doug Field, an ex-Apple engineer, returned to Apple after leaving Tesla.

Field will be working on Project Titan, according to reports.

The same month,

Report a claim

Apple hired 46 Tesla employees in the past year. Some of the Tesla employees were poached while others joined Apple after being terminated.

Apple's general manufacturing processes were the first to be improved, but this wasn't the only thing they did.

Apple's self driving vehicle program suffered its first setback in August 2018.

first car accident

On the road. Both vehicles suffered "moderate" damage after a Nissan Leaf rear-ended a test car while merging onto an expressway.

The collision posed no significant risk of death, since the Leaf was only moving 15 miles per hour. The Leaf's driver is also at fault. It does not appear that the system failed.

Apple hires in December 2018.

Andrew Kim

Senior designer at Tesla. Kim was an interior designer for vehicles who focused on the dashboard design and aesthetics.

Apple could have hired the designer to try and slowly get back to its original idea of designing or building their own cars.

In January 2019,

Alexander Hitzinger

Volkswagen poached him from Apple to work in its commercial vehicle division. He would be responsible for developing VW's "mobility-as-a-service" self driving vehicles.

Apple performed another performance in January 2019.

Restructuring effort

More than 200 employees were released from the Project Titan group. Apple has not laid off all employees, some have simply been moved to different roles.

Apple's first testbed in an early image.

Apple confirmed the reshuffle in a rare way, saying "We believe that there is an enormous opportunity with autonomous systems. Apple has unique abilities to contribute and this is the most ambitious project on machine learning ever."

Apple later

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The February layoffs of 190 workers.

The FBI arrested a

Second person

In January 2019, a man was accused of stealing trade secrets. Jizhong Chen, an engineer, was seen taking photos in a secret area. This prompted further investigation.

Apple's Global Security Team searched his computer, finding manuals, diagrams and schematics as well as a hundred photographs taken in Apple's offices.

Chen's motive was clear, as he had applied for a position at a Chinese tech company that specializes in self-driving cars. The arrest happened one day before Chen was due to fly home to China.

Data from the California DMV in February 2019 revealed that Apple's self driving testbed was among the lowest performers of all permitted testers.


It is when the autonomous mode has to be stopped and control returned to a pilot.

Apple's fleet, which was tested by 27 companies between December 2017 and November 2018, averaged 871.65 disconnections per 1,000 miles. Google Waymo, on the other hand, managed only 0.09 disengagements for every 1,000 miles.

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Apple said that the system was "conservative" and overly cautious, as it wasn't intended to work in all conditions and situations at the time. Apple's senior director of Autonomous Systems Engineering Jamie Waydo said, "To support this strategy, our public testing policies require that drivers take control of their vehicle proactively whenever the system encounters scenarios beyond its currently proven capabilities."

Apple's data showed that just over half the disengagements occurred as a result of "Manual Takeovers," initiated by the pilot, rather than "Software Disengagements," determined by the system. Apple also reported that there were only 28 "Important" Disengagements, which could have resulted in either a violation of law or safety issues. Two of these incidents involved cars hitting Apple's vehicle.

Report from Germany

February 2019

Apple's electric car may not be a vehicle, but rather a van. Sources say prototypes painted black and silver have been spotted. They are all vans.

In the same report, it was also stated that engineers were also working on the interior.

Unknown is whether the vehicles tested were intended vans for PAIL or Project Titan.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, spoke at the annual shareholders' meeting in March 2019.

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The company "planted seeds" and was "playing the dice" for future products that would "blow you out."

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about self-driving cars in the past.

Cook said that he had "never felt more optimistic" than he did about the future of Apple, but he declined to say where it was heading.

Apple's March 2019 hiring of Tesla was

Michael Schwekutsch

, VP engineering. He joined Apple's Special Projects Group earlier this month after leaving Tesla. This group includes "Project Titan."

The executive was involved in electric and hybrid powertrains in the BMW i8, Fiat 500eV and Volvo XC90 as well as Porsche 918 Spyder.

Apple has said that it will release its 2019 iPhones in April.