Aavegotchi Price Down 3.5% Over Last Week (GHST)

dollar. Aavegotchi has traded down 3.5-3.9% against the USD in the last 1-7 days.

Aavegotchi has a market cap of 42,90 million dollars and 2,16 million dollars worth of Aavegotchi were traded on exchanges the previous day. On exchanges, one Aavegotchi can be bought for $0.95 (0.00003697 BTC).

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The genesis date for Aavegotchi was set at September 14, 2020. Aavegotchi has a total supply of 46,860 476 tokens, and a circulating supply of 45,096, 312 tokens. The official website of Aavegotchi is

CryptoCompare reports that 'Aavegotchi is a blockchain-based, game launched on the Ethereum Blockchain in 2020, where players collect and train ghostly creatures called Aavegotchis. Aavegotchis have their own attributes and abilities. They can be customized and trained by the player in order to improve performance. The Aavegotchi platform uses GHST as its native cryptocurrency to facilitate exchanges and transactions within the game. The platform, created by Singapore-based Pixelcraft Studios developers, aims to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency by offering a fun way to interact with it.

Aavegotchi Token Trading

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