Actors set to strike after talks with major studios and streaming services fail

A union representing about 160,000 Hollywood actors is poised to go on strike after talks with major studios and streaming services have failed.

Actors set to strike after talks with major studios and streaming services fail

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After talks with major studios, streaming services and other unions failed, a union representing 160,000 Hollywood actors is about to strike.

After a final day's negotiations on Wednesday, which failed to produce an agreement, this will be the first stoppage of productions on film and television since 1980.

Fran Drescher said that the studios' offers were insulting and disrespectful.

The union announced that its negotiating panel had unanimously recommended that a strike be called and that the governing board would vote on this recommendation in the morning of Thursday.

The members of the union had voted 98% to authorize a strike.

The group representing streaming services and studios said they were 'deeply dismayed' by the strike decision, despite having offered 'historical' pay increases.

The union contract was extended for two weeks, but that extension expired.

The final day of negotiations included a federal mediator who was requested by the management and accepted by the union.

SAG-AFTRA will join more than 11,000 writers Guild of America members who have been striking against the same studios from the beginning of May.

This strike had already stopped the production of many movies and television scripted programs. It appears that there has not been any progress made in the end of this strike.

There are fears that the strike could continue through the summer, and even through the end the year, if actors join the writers.

Most productions will be halted by the actors' strike, except for some independent films that are not affiliated with major studios.

Since 1960, when Ronald Reagan was president of SAG (the precursor to SAG AFTRA), the former US President, who at that time was a performer and a member of the SAG union, Hollywood actors and screenwriters have not been on strike together.