Add Microsoft Office to your PC or Mac's Program Arsenal for Just $40

This offer includes a lifetime license for the software, which is regularly priced at $399.99.

Add Microsoft Office to your PC or Mac's Program Arsenal for Just $40

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Time is money when it comes to productivity for entrepreneurs and business owners. Microsoft Office is used by millions of people around the globe for a good reason. We've got great deals to get you started with it. More than a billion people already use it.

Microsoft Office will help you overcome any obstacles in your path. We've reduced the price of a lifetime license to $39.99 for both Mac OS and Windows.

Microsoft Office is available in both editions for download and instant delivery. You can purchase one time and enjoy Microsoft Office for the rest of your life. Both editions include Word, Excel PowerPoint Outlook Teams and OneNote. Microsoft Office covers everything from word processing to data analysis, presentations, communication and organization.

You'll also get a version optimized for Windows if you're using Windows. You'll get six programs plus Access and Publisher. These tools will allow you to manage databases and create your own flyers, lookbooks and other design documents. The Windows version also uses a new ribbon-based user interface, which allows you to easily access all the tools and customizations in the suite from one view. If you are working on a multi-program project, you will be able to access all the tools and customizations you need from one simple view.

Microsoft Office is the most popular office suite in the world. Enjoy a lifetime of Microsoft Office for just $39.99, a savings of 85% on the regular price $349. This offer is valid until April 28, 11:59pm Pacific. While supplies last, you can get it for Windows or Mac.

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