Bankman-Fried Agrees To Gag Order After "Star Witness" Ellison's Diary Was Leaked To Press Last Week

A judge has ordered the St. Louis County prosecutor and the Ferguson police chief not to discuss the Michael Brown case with the press.

There's at the very least one judge who is not amused by Sam Bankman-Fried's antics.

Former FTX founder now agrees to a gag-order that "largely" stops him from talking about his case in public.

Bloomberg writes this week

Bankman Fried was accused by prosecutors of discrediting Caroline Ellison who lived and worked in the Bahamas with Bankman Fried.

US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan stated this week that he would be addressing the 'adequacy' and 'continuation' of SBF bail conditions. As


This means that SBF's current house arrest may be at risk while he waits for his criminal fraud trial.

Bankman-Fried is scheduled to appear in court for an appearance on Wednesday.

The report states that Judge Kaplan was already concerned about Bankman-Fried’s bail restrictions and warned him in the past to “restrict his use of encrypted messages apps and VPN programs”.

The order, which was filed Monday, prohibits SBF as well as "other parties" to discuss anything that could "interfere with a fair court trial" with the media. Specifically,


This could include "credibility, information not admissible in court and anything else that could affect public opinion".

In a report, it is stated that the "star witness" of the case had already admitted to fraud as part of a plea bargain with prosecutors. She was not only the head of Alameda Research (a subsidiary of FTX), but she also dated Bankman Fried at one time.

This week's scrutiny came in response to a story that broke last week.

The New York Times

Ellison's diaries, which details her "ambivalence", about her role at Alameda as well as her relationship with Bankman Fried.

The prosecution claimed that SBF leaked the materials to 'cast Ellison into a bad light and advance his defence through the media'.

Bankman-Fried’s lawyers stated in a Sunday note that he shared documents to 'give his side of the tale about topics which have been reported by the media'. They argued that FTX CEO's new "attacked", Bankman-Fried publically while they "stood quiet" and did nothing.