Celestica (TSE:CLS) Share Price Crosses Below Two Hundred Day Moving Average of $16.19

as low as C$15.72. Celestica Inc. has a 1-year low of C$15.72 and a 1-year high of C$20.48. Celestica shares fell below 200-day moving average

(NYSE:CLS), shares fell below their 200-day moving average on Tuesday. The stock traded as low at C$15.25 and has a 200-day moving average of C$16.19. Celestica shares were last traded at C$15.40 with a volume 243,344 of shares.

Analysts set new price targets

The market capitalization of the company is C$1.62 Billion, with a price to earnings ratio of 9.62. It has a P/E/G of 0.14, and a beta value of 2.31. The company's current ratio is 1.43, its quick ratio is 0.54, and its debt-to equity ratio is 46.83. The company has a moving average of C$15.93 for the past fifty days and C$16.18 for the last two hundred days.

The last time the NYSE:CLS announced its quarterly results was on Monday, 13th March. The company posted C$0.76 per share for the quarter. This was C$0.03 higher than the consensus estimate of C$0.73. Revenue was C$2.77bn during the quarter compared with analysts' expectations of C$2.67bn. Celestica's return on equity was 9.38%, and its net margin was 1.97%. Analysts predict an average of 2.8330275 in earnings per share from Celestica Inc. for the current fiscal year.


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Celestica Inc offers hardware platforms and supply chain solutions to North America, Europe and Asia. It is divided into two segments: Advanced Technology Solutions and Connectivity & Cloud Solutions. The company provides a wide range of manufacturing services and supply chain services including design, development, engineering and supply chain management. It also offers component sourcing, electronic manufacturing and assembly and testing.

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