CEO shares a ‘secret trick' to determine whether to quit your toxic job: ‘It can make it much, much clearer'

When you have a toxic boss, it can be hard to decide whether to quit — and what to do if you stay. Leadership coach Robyn L. Garrett has some advice.

CEO shares a ‘secret trick' to determine whether to quit your toxic job: ‘It can make it much, much clearer'

Toxic bosses

These problems are all too common. According to the, 57% of workers have quit their jobs because of them.

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Sometimes, however, the paycheck is all you need. Robyn L. Garrett is the CEO and author of Beamably Leadership Coaching. She has a secret trick for determining when it's right to leave.

Defining personal values is a powerful tool for navigating a situation like this. Garrett said that it's important to know which values you hold dear, as well as which you oppose.


Earlier this month. "We may not always understand why we feel negative about our workplace but by defining your values it will become much more clear."

If you disagree with your boss on a moral basis, it is probably time to leave your job. Garrett suggested that if the problem isn't as serious, such as a communication problem, you may be able find a solution to your frustrated manager.

Her first step is to identify the "variety" of factors that define your relationship and use that information in order to formulate a plan of actions.

What are their needs?" What are their motives? What are you needs? What are your motives? What are the differences? How can they work together? Garrett asked, "Are there any ways you two can compromise?"

Garrett explained that if your boss is flexible, and wants you to succeed -- their toxic behavior will show in other ways -- he or she may be more willing to reach an agreement. If they are set in their ways, then you will have to change your communication style so that it matches theirs.

You might find that they are not receptive if you talk to them about your emotions. You might have more success if you present your argument with data and research.

Many bosses are motivated by money. Garrett said that they are all about KPIs and metrics.

Garrett is speaking from experience. She said that when she was working for an international company, her boss would hold "2 am conference calls which would last for 2 and a half hour" then give her a lot of work to do afterward.

She added, "I tried to talk with this person but they were very aggressive. They took advantage of my youth and didn't understand better."

Direct confrontation is not the best option. 69% of leaders in the workplace already admit that they are uncomfortable with communicating with their staff.

a 2016 survey

Harris Poll and Interact, a communications company.

Keep track of your emotional and physical wellbeing. Toxic environments can cause a variety of health problems.

Anxiety, fatigue mental and stress

Experts say.

Garrett stated that it is important to always protect yourself. "Make sure that you take care of yourself because they won't always do it, unfortunately."

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