Do You Share Music Tastes With Your Parents?

Nu metal, a genre popular in the early 2000s, is experiencing a resurgence among Gen Z. Are you a fan of music from previous generations?

Do You Share Music Tastes With Your Parents?

What type of music do your parents enjoy? Do you like listening to it with them, whether it's in the car or at home, or do you wish they would play something else? Do you ever listen to songs or artists from previous eras?

In the article "Are You Ready? The Nu Metal Renaissance Is Upon Us," Jasmine Li discusses the resurgence of the nu metal subgenre, which was popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The article shares a story about Tyson Burden and his daughter Nia LaVey Burden bonding over the song "Change (In the House of Flies)" by Deftones. Nia had discovered the band on TikTok, and her knowledge of the lyrics surprised her father. They had a magical moment singing along together.

The article highlights that Generation Z is increasingly discovering and enjoying nu metal for the first time. Nu metal combines heavy sounds with elements of hip-hop, funk, and alternative rock, and its lyrics often explore themes of pain, depression, and alienation. The subgenre has gained popularity among young listeners due to platforms like TikTok and the Y2K revival, as well as the enduring teenage angst.

For some, like Asher Nevélle, listening to nu metal is inspiring and gives them a sense of empowerment. It embodies an "I don't care" attitude, allowing individuals to be themselves despite judgment or criticism.

Now, let's discuss your thoughts on the topic:

  • Do you enjoy the music your parents listen to? If so, how did you discover it? Did your parents introduce it to you, or did you find it elsewhere, like on TikTok?
  • What do you like about nu metal or this type of music? How does it make you feel?
  • If you don't like the music your parents listen to, can you explain why? Do you prefer music from previous eras or current music?
  • Have you ever had a moment where you connected with a parent over a song, artist, or band, similar to Nia and her dad? Share your story.
  • The article mentions that there is still a sense of gatekeeping among nu metal fans, with older fans looking down on newcomers or people of all ages being pretentious about the bands they consider uncool. Have you ever experienced gatekeeping when discovering an older band or musician? What are your thoughts on this practice?
  • What genre of music, if any, would you like to see make a comeback among Gen Z next? Why?

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