Dressing lavishly is the point: Hats, dresses and patterns adorn Churchill Downs for Derby (PHOTOS)

Fashion and faces Churchill Downs for the 149th Kentucky Derby.

Dressing lavishly is the point: Hats, dresses and patterns adorn Churchill Downs for Derby (PHOTOS)

If I go back, I will look amazing.

Chera-Lyn worked at the Kentucky Derby for many years, taking bets. She was dressed in an Oscar de la Renta dress for the 149th Kentucky Derby on Saturday.

Her husband, however, said that she was being modest. Kennedy, who was known by her last name Cook at the time, was crowned Miss Kentucky 1998. This meant she was a secret celebrity.

Kennedy, originally from Kentucky, traveled to Tennessee for a day and wore a green fascinator by Rachel Trevor Morgan.

Kennedy and her family are among hundreds of people who filed through the plaza near the paddock at Churchill Downs.

Shawn Farmer, a resident of Fort Worth in Texas, reported that he had been stopped by many people who commented on his boots made from bass, which he described as a type of wood. He claimed that his wife chose them for him, even though he disliked them. The suit was not approved by his wife.

His suit was decorated with flowers in red, brown and blue. His hat was also outlined in the same pattern. Dillard's sold the whole set.

Farmer claimed that he bought the item to make his wife angry. She said that I could only wear one [the pants or the blazer] at a time.

It was his first Derby and dressing extravagantly was the point.

Davone Walls, a 30 year old woman, was checking off her bucket list at First Turn Experience.

Walls from Florida has been wanting to attend the Derby since the last six. She said her 30th birthday was a perfect excuse to go.

She wore an Amazon fascinator that matched her dress. Marquis Brown was wearing a Temu suit with a yellow bow tie to match Walls’ dress.

Gail Vogt from Nebraska came to the Derby to celebrate the 60th birthday of her aunt for the first. She wanted to make a big statement for the occasion, so she chose a dress with a lot of impact.

She estimated that she tried on at least 100 hats to find the one that she chose.

Other tracks on the track

Charlie Voldarski, Jackie Safford and Jada safford drove from Illinois overnight because his brother’s VFW had a booth in Churchill Downs.

Voldarski stated, "We drove 11-hours last night and are back on the road by 5 am." It's been wonderful except Jada is having allergies.

Jackie said, "We have learned that she might be allergic to horse."

Rachel Weigler of Indianapolis is attending the Derby for her seventh time and Chelsea Mesa from Los Angeles is there for her third.

We're old professionals. Weigler stated that although I would call us old hats they are actually new hats. We come to watch people. It's not just about the style or fashion.

Benjie Williams and Stephanie Williams traveled from Atlanta, Georgia, to Derby 149.

Stephanie said, "I've always been interested in Derby." We were originally planning to go next year, for the 150th Derby. But it worked out that we could come this year. This is just a test run. Next year, we'll be back.

Crystal and Steve Verbeck, who live in Pennyslvania, have been to Churchill Downs many times but this is the first Derby they've attended.

Steve replied, 'It is on her bucket-list and you can only live once'.

Kimberly Sisnett, Nathasa Thomson and their friends moved from Charlotte to Louisville two years ago. They are now Derby regulars.

Sisnett stated that he and his wife were impressed by the fashion and elegance of the event. It's always been entertaining each year that we have attended.