Eckert Seamans chooses 35-year firm veteran to be new CEO

The law firm of Eckert Seamans has selected Philadelphia and Wilmington lawyers to serve on its executive committee.

Eckert Seamans chooses 35-year firm veteran to be new CEO

Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott is a Pittsburgh law firm with a large Philadelphia branch. Construction litigator Scott Cessar has been named as the new CEO of the firm, effective May 1,

Cessar, a 35-year veteran of the company, will replace Timothy Hudak as CEO, who has been in that position since 2018. Hudak, the new chair of Eckert Seamans, has succeeded Jack McGinley who finished his term on February 2.

Cessar stated in a press release that he was humbled by the opportunity to be the leader of a firm where he has spent his entire legal career. Cessar added, 'I have loved this firm over the years.' We have an outstanding team of lawyers across the firm who are dedicated to the interests of our clients and motivated to advance the firm for the next 65 years.

Cessar also held other positions in the firm, such as being member-in charge of its Pittsburgh office and chair of their construction and alternative disputes resolution practice group.

In 15 offices, Eckert Seamans employs about 300 attorneys. The firm's 50 S. 16th Street office in Philadelphia has 53 lawyers, including 37 partners.

The firm has also chosen its executive committee to serve the term 2023-2024. Mark Reardon is the committee's chairperson. He is based at the Wilmington office of the firm. Reardon, Cessar and Ryan Cassidy are the committee's other members. They also include Grant Coffield and Claire Gallagher from Pittsburgh, Michael Flammia and Evelyn Sahr in Washington, D.C.