Elevate Your Vacation with a Super Yacht Charter Tailored to Your Desires

Still, for Giulia Di Leo, Founder and General Manager at Your Boat Holiday (YBH), "These boats represent something far more profound—the art of crafting personalized and unforgettable experiences on the high seas." As the Mediterranean charter market experiences an unprecedented surge, YBH is confi

Elevate Your Vacation with a Super Yacht Charter Tailored to Your Desires

Luxury yachts are known to be opulent and luxurious. Giulia di Leo, Founder & General Manager of Your Boat Holiday (YBH), believes that these boats are more than just a boat. They represent the art of creating personalized and memorable experiences on high seas. YBH, a leader in the Mediterranean charter industry, is charting a new course to meet the needs of its discerning clientele.

Market reports indicate that the yachting industry will reach US$ 12.7 billion in 2028. Experts expect a 9.8% CAGR between 2023-2028. This growth is attributed to factors such as the rising income levels of consumers, the popularity and demand for luxury marine tourism, along with continuous innovation from yacht builders. Europe is a market with a lot of players and booming demand. Yacht charter companies like YBH are becoming more and more popular for their luxurious amenities and customized experiences. They represent splendor, comfort and unforgettable sea adventures.

The YBH Experience

Di Leo is the passionate leader of YBH. He oversees a diverse range of luxury yachts including superyachts and megayachts. Each vessel has been carefully chosen to offer guests a journey tailored to their individual desires. These extravagant vessels offer an enchanting voyage to explore the most beautiful destinations in the world while enjoying unparalleled service.

The Mediterranean's charm has captivated travelers since ancient times, and YBH makes sure that its clients enjoy the richness of this region like never before. Charter a luxury yacht to explore the Mediterranean's sun-drenched shores, Amalfi coast, Sardinia, stunning islands in the Adriatic Sea and captivating waters of Greece and Croatia.

Exotic Domains: A Journey of Exotic Adventure

YBH is the perfect destination for those who love the exotic. We weave stories of wonder in the idyllic settings of Thailand, Indonesia, the Maldives and many more. The azure water and vibrant marine life are just a few of the many things that guests can experience in these exotic lands.

YBH caters for those who want to discover the Caribbean or the Bahamas. These destinations are renowned for their pristine beaches, clear waters and vibrant cultures. The company offers bespoke charters to these idyllic destinations, where guests can bask in warm sun and discover the wonders of the islands. YBH's Pacific cruises offer a wealth of experiences, from the breathtaking beauty of French Polynesia, to the untamed beauty in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

The driving force behind your boat holiday

Di Leo’s vision for YBH goes beyond the idea of luxury charters. She explains: "Our focus isn't just on the yachts but on orchestrating customized experiences that leave a long-lasting impression in our clients' heart." Our tailored assistance ensures every aspect of the journey is perfectly crafted. Our loyalty program and the high number of repeat clients reflect our commitment to excellence.

YBH is constantly expanding its charter offering and embracing new technology to enhance the yacht charter experience. With its new yacht charter portal, and mobile app it aims to revolutionize the way clients book and manage voyages.

YBH is a company that maintains the highest standards in the industry. The company's affiliations and strategic partnerships with insurance companies and reputable yachting associations as well as its active participation at major boat shows and events demonstrate the commitment to quality and customer service.

A Glorious Voyage Awaits

The promise of a luxury boat service personalized to the traveler continues to attract discerning travelers. Your Boat Holiday is committed to providing seamless charter experiences and unforgettable adventures. It also offers top-level customer care.

As Giulia di Leo said, "At YBH we believe in magic, in creating memories that linger and in crafting memorable journeys that unfold as dreams at sea."