Forian Inc. (NASDAQ:FORA) Director Martin J. Wygod Buys 4,565 Shares

cost of $0.61 per share, with a total value of $2,790.65. The Director of Forian Inc. bought 4,565 shares of the company's stock on Tuesday, May 30th at an average cost of $0.61 per share, totaling $2,790.65.

Martin J. Wygod, the director of the company, bought 4,565 stock shares in a transaction on May 30th. The shares were purchased at an average of $2.39 per stock, for a transaction totaling $10,910.35. After the acquisition, the director owns 56 294 shares in the company, worth approximately $134 542.66. This link will take you to a page that contains more information.

Forian Stock Performance

On Thursday, the price of the stock rose $0.09 to $2.48. The company exchanged 2,242 shares, as opposed to the average of 24,431. Forian Inc.'s 12 month low is $2.00, and its 12 month high is $6.48. The market cap is $80.81m, the PE ratio is -9.92, and beta is 0.92. The company released its last earnings report on Monday, 27th March. The company reported ($0.11) per share (EPS). Revenue for the quarter was $7.90 millions.

Forian Institutional Trading

A number of institutional investors and hedge fund have bought and sold FORA shares recently. Millennium Management LLC purchased a new Forian stake valued at $846,000. Oracle Investment Management Inc. increased its stake in Forian in the third-quarter by 5.6%. Oracle Investment Management Inc. owns 1,408,432 of the company’s stock, valued at $4.718,000, after purchasing an additional 74.955 shares. Citadel Advisors LLC purchased a new Forian stake valued at around $217,000. Vident Investment Advisory LLC increased its stake in Forian in the first quarter by 66.2%. Vident Investment Advisory LLC owns 66.340 shares valued at $462,000. This is after purchasing an additional 26.435 shares. Renaissance Technologies LLC also acquired a stake in Forian during the second quarter, valued at $59,000. Institutional investors hold 13.10% the company's shares.


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