Grammy's CEO: ‘We're not going to award AI creativity' unless it falls under these two categories

AI-generated music can go viral on social media, but it won't win a Grammy unless it falls into one of two categories, says Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr.

Grammy's CEO: ‘We're not going to award AI creativity' unless it falls under these two categories

Artificial intelligence may be able pass the Wharton MBA, but it cannot win a Grammy.

Harvey Mason Jr. is the CEO of the Recording Academy. The academy presents the Grammy Awards every year to honor the best contributions in the music industry.

Mason told Fast Company Innovation Festival in 2023 that "we're not going award AI creativity." Mason said, "We're not going disqualify or exclude the creators who work with AI."

The Recording Academy published a new article recently.

New eligibility requirements

The 66th Grammy Awards will be held in February 2024. Guidelines laid out two categories in which a song with AI assistance could be considered for an award.

If AI is performing a song but humans are writing it, it will be eligible for the writing category. Mason explained that if AI composed the song and a human performer... sings it, the song will be eligible for the performance category.

The new policy was updated after an anonymous artist, known as Ghostwriter, submitted a song titled "Heart on My Sleeve" for the awards. The song used AI to mimic singers Drake and The Weeknd. Mason told the New York Times earlier this month that the song "absolutely" qualified for a Grammy under the "creative categories," such as Song of the Year. "Because it was written" by a person, Mason said.

Mason said that the song was not eligible for awards such as Best Rap Performance, because "the vocals were obtained illegally, they were not cleared by either the label or artists and it wasn't commercially available."

Recent Instagram videos


Mason said that the rules of this year may not be in place for very long at the Fast Company Festival.

He said, "This will change very quickly." "These things happen now, much faster, and we need to be able pivot. We must be able adjust award categories, procedures, and processes... everything in our organization.

According to a study, 60% of independent musicians use AI in songwriting.

recent survey

Ditto is a music distributor that surveyed 1,299 musicians. Artists said AI is used to help them in songwriting, production of music, mastering and even artwork.

Mason acknowledged that AI will continue to evolve and that music will change, but his main goal is to uplift human artists. Mason's No. 1 goal is to elevate human artists.

The Academy exists to protect, promote and support human artists and creators. In his Instagram video, he stated: "Position."

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