How Much Does A Bottle Of Water Cost?

Not everyone in the world can afford to buy bottled water, which is a luxury.

Bottled water is not an option for everyone.

Statista's Anna Fleck reports

A 1.5-liter water bottle from a local company

Globally, the average cost of a meal is $0.70

According to the website's September 2022 analysis of 92 countries,


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Australia and the Philippines are two markets where bottled waters are most expensive.

Bottles starting at US$2.02

The highest prices for bottled water are also found in Singapore, Uruguay and Puerto Rico, where 1.5 liters cost between US$1.59 to US$1.74.

However, prices in countries like Egypt and Tunisia are the lowest.

At $0.14 and $0.20, respective.

A bottle of water can be purchased in Iran or Bangladesh for as low as $0.25.