Jim Cramer's week ahead: Focus on September jobs report

CNBC's Jim Cramer will also be following analyst meetings from beverage maker Molson Coors and access management company Okta.

Jim Cramer's week ahead: Focus on September jobs report

CNBC's Jim Cramer advised investors to keep an eye on the labor report next week, which will determine the direction of the market.

Cramer will be attending analyst meetings for Molson Coors, a beverage company, and Okta, a company that manages access.


Jim Cramer

The nonfarm payrolls, which are the employment figures for the last month, could determine whether October's market will rally.

Cramer stated that the Labor Department nonfarm payroll number, which we receive on Friday, is the most important indicator of the direction the market will take. "[If] the Labor Department can keep the needle on the soft side, then we could enter the real earnings season which begins the following week with a decent head of steam."

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Split into two companies, cereal maker WK Kellogg will be split from snack-focused Kellanova which includes brands such as Cheez-It Pringles Pop-Tarts. Cramer said that he also hopes to hear updates on the

Autoworkers' Strike

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Will report earnings and beverage company

Molson Coors

Cramer will be attending an analyst's meeting. Cramer will follow access management company on Wednesday.


Analyst meeting of's

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He said that the analyst meeting could move the stock. Cramer believes the stock has more room to grow, as the tech company just reported a strong quarter and forecast.

Cramer emphasized the Friday labor report again, saying that in order to have "a strong October," nonfarm payrolls must show some slack. The Federal Reserve could continue to raise rates in order to cool the economy if the report is not positive.

He said: "This is a difficult decision because we do not want to see a wholesale economic collapse, because then we would be concerned about earnings." "But we don't also want to see consistently high unemployment numbers because then Fed chief Jay Powell will have no wiggle-room and interest rates will go higher, starting at the longer end."

Cramer said that the jobs report would not be released if the federal government shuts down.

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