Jimmy Carter, 6 Months Into Hospice, Is Still ‘Very Much' Himself, Grandson Says

Former President Jimmy Carter is doing well and is expected to celebrate his 99th birthday in October.

Jimmy Carter, 6 Months Into Hospice, Is Still ‘Very Much' Himself, Grandson Says

One of the Carters' grandsons revealed on Monday that six months after Jimmy Carter entered hospice care in Georgia, he and Rosalynn Carter were still making memories and holding hands together at their Georgia home.

Josh Carter, the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, said that 'the 98-year-old is still very much Jimmy Carter' in a phone interview. He's not changed. He's opinionated, strong-willed and still himself. It's wonderful to see.

Their grandson stated that Mr. Carter is an avid outdoorsman and now uses a wheelchair. Mrs. Carter uses a walker. They both try to spend time outdoors each day in their ranch-style house they built back in the 1960s.

Carter chose to stop medical treatment after surviving several health crises, including repeated falls, a bout of skin cancer, melanoma that spread to his brain and liver.

Hospice care

In February. According to the American Medical Association hospice care is intended to relieve patients' pain and suffering who have a maximum of six months to live.

Carter, who is the oldest president in American History, reached that milestone on Friday. Josh Carter, Carter's son, said that his family was making plans to celebrate Carter's 99th birthday. They are surprised and grateful they'll be able to do so.

On Friday, Mrs. Carter celebrated her own milestone when she turned 96. The Carter Center is a nonprofit organization that provides educational and cultural opportunities for children.

She was diagnosed with dementia in May

, who celebrated her birthday at home with family and friends, revealed that she had peanut butter ice-cream. Carter was raised in a peanut field outside Plains, Ga.

The town where the couple is still living


Public figures, including celebrities, sent birthday messages to Mrs. Carter. She has been a vocal advocate for better mental health care.

Michelle Obama

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Residents and business owners of Plains for many years have also expressed their support.

Her grandson stated that Mrs. Carter has dementia, which has affected some of her memories. However, 'when she is with us, she knows we are her family'.

Her grandson says that she still loves entertaining guests in her home, but has refused to accept help. She also enjoys watching her great grandchildren run around.

In spite of her condition, Mrs. Carter never forgot who her husband was. The couple has known each other for many years

Almost since birth

Josh Carter stated that despite being married for 77 years they are still holding hands. They still sit together on the couch, the same spot they have always sat.

Josh Carter said that seeing his grandparents in their final chapter was bittersweet. They had done "everything the human experience" together. He said that they were doing well for their age.

He said, 'They have a home full of love and family.' "And that's the way they wanted it to happen."