Manufacturer inks lease deal to expand in Arvada, aims to add dozens of jobs

The company has outgrown its space and needs to move to a larger location.

Manufacturer inks lease deal to expand in Arvada, aims to add dozens of jobs

A Colorado manufacturer has added a new Arvada location to its existing metro area design and manufacturing locations, more than doubling their space to manufacture complex medical devices.

ERI Group has leased 34,000 sq. ft. of Arvada's manufacturing space to expand beyond its existing facilities in Genesee and Denver.

We're taking ERI up a notch. We are growing as a company,' said Tasha bond, the president and chief executive of ERI.

ERI Group manufactures complex electrical and mechanical products for clients whose brands and names are on the product.

She said that the company had spent months looking for an industrial property where it could expand its production space to make complex medical devices, such as dialysis machines and advanced ultrasound machines.

Bond stated that the location in the west metro, near Ward Road and Interstate 70 seemed convenient to the company's current employees as well as the future workforce the company is likely to hire, Bond.

Bond explained that the market for industrial space is very tight. This made it difficult to find a location that was accessible and suitable for ERI's experienced and tight-knit team.

Bonds stated that 'we didn't lose anyone in this'.

She said that the Arvada space would be ready for medical device production by the end of this year. This will allow ERI Group to move into it.

She said that ERI's headcount has more than doubled since the beginning of 2022 and now exceeds 100 employees across its three locations.

Bond stated that the Arvada facility will allow the company to expand its production capacity and expand its staff as it takes on more clients' projects. Bond added that the company could have 160 employees in three years as they take on more clients.

The company will keep the office in Denver that is dedicated to product development, regulatory affairs and manufacturing in Genesee.

Bond stated that the company's growth in future will be centered at Arvada.

Mountain Gateway attracted advanced manufacturers such as Moog Inc. which increased its Colorado presence in the last year.

ERI Group has expanded less than one year after merging with Link Production Development. The company can now produce complex machines for large manufacturers or small devices like wearables, as well as help small businesses design and prototype their early products.

Bond stated that 'our clients range from three people working in their garages to the biggest names in the business with multiple locations in this country as well as other countries -- names that nearly anyone would recognize'.

Recently, the business signed an agreement for multiple years with David Schnur Associates. This company helps design new medical projects. This relationship has filled ERI Group’s pipeline with work, and created a greater need to expand.

In an announcement of the expansion, John Mann, Vice President of Operations, said, 'This could not have come at a more opportune time, as we continue growing our staff, and expanding our scope of service and volume to better meet the needs and wants of our customers.'