Murray Rothbard On Taiwan & The Third World War

The author is saying that only people who want to change America are looking forward to the next world war.

Murray Rothbard posed the question in the 1950s of whether the United States would defend Formosa, Taiwan from an attack by mainland China. ...[ the government] was forced to portray the Reds 'island-hopping' their way towards the United States. [...For] If the Reds capture Formosa, then they'll be one island closer to the United States. A peaceful Pacific "moat" is necessary for our defence. To protect Japan and Philippines, we need to defend Formosa. And in order to defend Formosa, we have got the Pescadores. To protect Quemoy, we must prepare Chiang's forces for an invasion on the mainland. Where does the process end? Readers who are unfamiliar with the region's history may find it interesting to learn more about Rothbard's claim that he equipped Chiang Kai-shek - the exiled dictator of Taiwan - for an invasion of China's mainland. Taipei's attempt to forcefully retake mainland. In a series more articles titled 'Fight for Formosa', he defended himself. Distance between Payson, UT USA and Qigu District Tainan City 724, Taiwan is 11176km




It's not likely that another catastrophe like Ukraine will be the end goal.