New Mexico judge approves settlement in ‘Rust' wrongful death lawsuit

The judge approved a settlement between the family of Halyna Hutchins, who was shot and killed during a rehearsal on the set of the film Rust, and the producers, including actor Alec Baldwin.

New Mexico judge approves settlement in ‘Rust' wrongful death lawsuit


According to a court order, a district court judge in New Mexico approved on Thursday a settlement agreement with the family of Halyna Hustchins, a cinematographer shot and killed in 2021 during a rehearsal for the film 'Rust,' producers, including actor Alec Baldwin, and crew.

Hutchins family filed a lawsuit in February 2022 for wrongful death against Baldwin and the production companies of the film, as well as its producers and key crew members. They alleged numerous violations of industry standards.

Matthew Hutchins, the widow of Halyna Hutchins, said in October 1998 that parties reached a settlement which was subject to approval by a court.

The financial details of the settlement are not public.

The lawsuit is based on a shooting which occurred in 2021, when Alec Baldwin, the star and producer of the film, fired live ammunition from a prop gun he was holding. Hutchins died. Joel Souza, the director of the film, was also injured.

Baldwin and Hannah Gutierrez Reed, a 'Rust armorer', were both charged after the shooting with involuntary murder in Hutchins death. Baldwin pleaded innocent. Gutierrez Reed's attorney has said that she will plead not guilt and maintain her innocence.

Prosecutors dismissed the charges in April 2021 against Baldwin. They cited 'new facts" that had been revealed.