Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE) Shares Acquired by Alethea Capital Management LLC

and Exchange Commission. Pfizer Inc.'s stock rose 30.7% in the fourth quarter.

According to its latest filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company increased the value of the stock by 30.7% in the fourth quarter. The fund now owns 7,189 shares in the biopharmaceutical firm after buying an additional 1,689 during the period. Pfizer is the 15th biggest holding in Alethea Capital Management LLC, with a portfolio that comprises 0.4% Pfizer. Pfizer was worth $368,00 to Alethea Capital Management LLC as of the most recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Hedge funds and other institutional investors have also changed their positions. RB Capital Management LLC has increased its Pfizer holdings by 6.7% during the first quarter. RB Capital Management LLC owns 5,446 of the biopharmaceutical stock worth $282,000, after buying an additional 341 during the last quarter. Ironwood Wealth Management LLC. Ironwood Wealth Management LLC. increased its Pfizer holdings by 1.1% during the first quarter. Ironwood Wealth Management LLC. After purchasing 400 additional shares in the last quarter, Ironwood Wealth Management LLC now owns 36.081 shares worth $1,868,000 of the biopharmaceutical firm's stock. United Bank increased their holdings in Pfizer in the first quarter by 0.6%. United Bank owns 46671 shares in the biopharmaceutical firm's stock, valued at $2416,000, after buying 290 additional shares during the previous quarter. Ergoteles LLC increased their holdings in Pfizer in the first quarter by 136.3%. Ergoteles LLC owns 36 766 shares of biopharmaceutical stock worth $1 903,000, after buying an additional 21,209 during the last quarter. Mackenzie Financial Corp also increased its Pfizer holdings by 6.4% during the first quarter. Mackenzie Financial Corp owns now 1,337.418 shares in the biopharmaceutical firm's stock, valued at $69.238,000, after buying an additional 79.887 shares over the last quarter. Recent research analysts have weighed in about the stock. Pfizer was the subject of a report published on Thursday 18th May. They gave the company a rating of 'buy.' Jefferies Financial group began covering Pfizer on Monday 6th March in a report. The company was given a 'hold rating' and a target price of $43.00. JPMorgan Chase & Co. published a report Monday, February 27th that set a target price of $45.00 for Pfizer. Wells Fargo & Company reduced their target price for Pfizer in a report published on Friday, 17th March from $50.00 down to $44.00. They also set an 'equal-weight' rating. Nine equity research analysts gave the stock a hold recommendation and five others have given it a buy recommendation. According to MarketBeat data, the company has a current consensus rating of "Hold" and an average price target of $47.33.

Insiders Buying and selling at Pfizer

Pfizer Inc, a major shareholder, bought 1,811,594 of the company's stock on Friday, 17th March. The average price per share was $2.76, resulting in a transaction totaling $4,999999.44. The insider owns approximately $16,428,245.88 worth of stock after the purchase. Pfizer Inc, a major shareholder, purchased 1,811,594 of the company's shares in a deal that took place on Friday, 17th March. Stock was bought at $2.76 on average per share with a value of $4,999.999.44. After the completion of this acquisition, the insider owns directly 5,952,263 of the company's shares, valued at around $16,428,245.88. Scott Gottlieb, the director of the company, also purchased 1,000 shares in a deal that took place on Monday, 8th May. The shares were bought at an average price of $38.58 a share with a value of $38,580.00. After the acquisition was completed, the director owns directly 6,000 shares in the company, worth $231,480. Insiders purchased 1,813,594 company shares worth $5,076,999 in the past ninety-day period. Insiders own 0.05%.

Pfizer Stock Performance

During the midday session on Monday, the stock rose $0.92 to $39.89. The stock traded 28,334,917 more shares than its average of 24,037.566. The fifty-day simple moving is $39.11, and the two hundred day simple is $43.36. The stock's market capitalization is $225.19 Billion, with a P/E/G of 1.29, and a beta value of 0.64. Pfizer Inc.'s 12-month low is $36.17, and its 12-month high is $54.93. The company's debt-to equity ratio is 0.31. It has a quick ratio (1.11) and a current rate of 1.37.

The last time ) released its quarterly results was on May 2nd. The biopharmaceutical firm reported $1.23 per share for the quarter. This was $0.23 higher than the consensus estimate of $1.0. Pfizer's net margin was 31.25%, and its return on equity was 37.53%. The company had revenue of 18 billion dollars during the quarter compared to the consensus of 16 billion dollars. In the same quarter of the previous year, the company earned $1.62 per share. Pfizer's quarterly revenue was down 28.8% compared to the same period last year. Analysts expect Pfizer Inc. to post an average of 3.35 EPS this year.

Pfizer Announces Dividend

A quarterly dividend was also announced by the business and paid out on Friday, 9th June. Dividends were paid to shareholders who had their shares in the company's records on Friday, May 12. This dividend became payable on Thursday, May 11. This dividend represents $1.64 in annualized dividends and a yield of 4.11%. Pfizer has a dividend payout ratio of 32.28%.

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