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The Napoleon of Your Living Room

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RH Chief Executive’s Unique Approach to Meetings #

RH, a prominent high-end furniture retailer, has a unique approach to meetings. The company’s CEO, a 66-year-old with boundless energy, does not hold traditional meetings. Instead, he organizes what he calls “adventures” with his team of executives.

These adventures can last up to 10 hours or more. They are part of a major expansion project that will see RH double the number of its stores, known as “galleries,” with 35 new locations in the pipeline. Each new store will cost at least $20 million.

While RH generated $3 billion in sales last year, the CEO’s vision goes beyond selling furniture. He aims to establish RH as a global brand, expanding into areas such as restaurants, hotels, and clothing. His vision is to create an endless source of hope, inspiration, and love that will have a positive impact on the world.

The CEO prefers not to discuss this vision with Wall Street, joking that they might lock him up if they knew. Despite his unconventional approach to meetings, his ambitious goals for RH continue to drive the company forward.