Reach (LON:RCH) Trading 1.1% Higher

The stock price of ) rose by 1.1% on Wednesday. The stock reached a high of GBX85.34 ($1.08), and traded last at GBX84.50 ($1.07). During trading, 1,596,073 stocks were traded, a 42% increase from the session average of 1,127,422 share. The stock closed previously at GBX 83.55 (USD $1.05).

Reach Stock Performance

The market cap is PS267.92m, the P/E ratio is 497.06, PEG ratio -0.37, and beta 0.83. The company's fifty-day moving average is GBX 79.05, and its 200-day moving average is GBX 91.90. A dividend was also declared by the business, and will be paid out on Friday, 2nd June. Dividends will be paid to shareholders who were in the books on Thursday, 11th May. The dividend is GBX 4,46 ($0.06). The ex-dividend day is Thursday, 11th May. This dividend yield is 4.92%. Reach's prior dividend was $2.88. Reach's current dividend payout ratio stands at 4,117.65%.

Insider Buying & Selling at Reach

Insider Jim Mullen, in other Reach news: On Monday, 27th March, he sold 18,080 of the stock company. The stock was purchased at a price of GBX 74, or $0.93, for a value of PS13379.20, or $16,882.27. Corporate insiders own 5.02%.

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