Reporter Hannah Denham bids farewell to the Washington Business Journal

The reporter has had a busy and eventful time covering Amazon-related news.

Reporter Hannah Denham bids farewell to the Washington Business Journal

My time at Washington Business Journal can best be described as a whirlwind.

Since starting my job in 2008 as a reporter, I've expanded the scope of my work to include data centers and transportation. Each has brought me endless adventures. In my reporting on the local tech workforce, data center training and the sprawling Amazon grocery stores, I have enjoyed discovering crossover episodes.

In the nearly two years I have been in this position, I am grateful for all of the opportunities that have come my way to tell stories and talk to people with important and impactful opinions. I covered the Whittle School and its financial fallout for months, rode on the Silver Line Extension's opening day, researched the resources and challenges facing returning citizens and sat in a 14-hour, overnight public meeting regarding the development of a data center in Prince William County.

After those experiences, I learned a lot about my home in Greater Washington, both from my editors and the people who live there.

Now I'm off on a new journey. I will be an investigative journalist in Birmingham, Alabama. After spending the first 18 of my years in Alabama, I will finally be able to report from there professionally (I did start an online newspaper at my high school). I am thrilled to be able to pursue my dream of investigative reporting but heartbroken that I will have to leave D.C. where I lived for 3 years and grew so much.

The editors Vandana Sinha and Michael Neibauer have helped me in so many ways and improved my work. They have taught me so much about asking unexpected questions and finding answers beyond the obvious. I am also grateful for the guidance provided by publisher Alex Orfinger. He has shown me how to bring leaders together to learn from them, and to create authentic relationships within your community.

Thank you for reading my blog, for your suggestions, your time and your support.