Riverview Bancorp (RVSB) to Release Quarterly Earnings on Friday

February 16th. The company will be announcing its earnings results on Friday, April 28th. This will be the company's most recent earnings report.

(will announce its earnings on Friday, 28th April.

The last time ) released its results was on Thursday 26th January. The savings and loan company met the consensus estimate for $0.24 per share. Revenue for the quarter was $17.41m, which is higher than analyst expectations of $16.80m. Riverview Bancorp's net margin was 28.98%, and its return on equity was 12.58%. Trading hours were held on Thursday and the stock rose $0.01 to $5.32. Stock traded 9,964 shares compared to the average of 30,772. The company's fifty-day moving average is $5.89, and its 200-day moving average is $6.79. Riverview Bancorp's 52-week low is $5.03, and its 52-week high is $8.00. The company's debt-to equity ratio is 0.40. Its current ratio is 0.75, and its quick ratio 0.75. The market cap is $114.38 millions, the PE ratio is 6.05 and the beta value of 0.70.

Riverview Bancorp Dividend Announcement

A quarterly dividend was also declared by the firm and paid out on April 20th. Investors who had their shares in the company's records on Monday, April 10, received a $0.06 dividend per share. This dividend became payable on Thursday, April 6. This is a $0.24 annualized dividend and yields 4.51%. Riverview Bancorp has a dividend payout ratio of 27.27%.

Inflows of Institutional Capital and Outflows

RVSB has recently seen a number of institutional investors increase or reduce their stakes. Advisor Group Holdings Inc. grew its stake in Riverview Bancorp during the first quarter by 33.5%. After purchasing 2,014 additional shares, Advisor Group Holdings Inc. owns 8,029 of the stock worth $60,000 owned by the savings and loan company. Elizabeth Park Capital Advisors Ltd. grew its holdings of shares of Riverview Bancorp during the fourth quarter by 0.6%. Elizabeth Park Capital Advisors Ltd. owns 520 242 shares of stock in the savings and loan company valued at $3.995,000, after buying an additional 3,306 during the last quarter. State Street Corp increased their holdings of Riverview Bancorp shares by 3.5% in the 2nd quarter. State Street Corp owns now 109,683 of the stock of the savings-and-loans company valued at $722,000. This is after buying an additional 3,700 in the last quarter. Millennium Management LLC increased their holdings in Riverview Bancorp in the second quarter by 53.0%. Millennium Management LLC owns 21,425 of the stock of the savings-and-loans company, worth $141,000. This is after it acquired an additional 7,420 in the last quarter. Tower Research Capital LLC TRC also increased its Riverview Bancorp holdings by 3,162.1% during the third quarter. Tower Research Capital LLC TRC owns 11,352 of the stock of the savings and loan company, worth $72,000. This is after purchasing an additional 11,004 in the previous quarter. Hedge funds, other institutional investors and pension funds own 63.04%.

Wall Street analysts weigh in

In a research report published on March 29th, lowered the rating of shares of Riverview Bancorp to a "hold" rating. Raymond James reduced their price target on shares of Riverview Bancorp to $6.50 from $8.00 and gave the company an "outperform" rating in a report published on Thursday, April 6.

Riverview Bancorp

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Riverview Bancorp, Inc. operates as a holding corporation. It offers community banking services for small and medium-sized businesses, professionals and individuals. It offers a variety of deposit products including demand deposits and money market accounts.

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