Rural Texas high school will now hold graduation after majority of senior class meets requirements

A rural Texas high school that had postponed graduation after only five of 33 seniors initially met requirements says a majority of seniors are now on track to graduate on June 22.

Rural Texas high school will now hold graduation after majority of senior class meets requirements


A rural Texas high-school that initially postponed graduation because only five out of 33 seniors met the requirements has now announced that a majority of its seniors will graduate on June 22, despite initial failures.

Darryl J. Henson, Superintendent of the Marlin Independent School district, told CNN on Tuesday that 33 out of 38 Marlin High School seniors this week had met all graduation requirements.

Henson stated via email that the remaining five seniors were attending our extended-school-year program. They are on track to meet all graduation requirements by June 22, 2012.

Henson continued, 'We knew with additional support and accountability that all seniors would be able to meet the Texas Education Agency's requirements.

Marlin ISD is a school district that serves about 880 students in Marlin. It is located approximately 25 miles south of Waco.

Superintendent said that the district announced the postponement of the graduation ceremony for the small high school late last month after an end-of year review revealed only five students had met the graduation requirements.

According to a Facebook post on May 24, the district has rescheduled this ceremony for June. The high school's decision to delay graduation will give students more time to complete graduation requirements, it stated.

The letter said that many students 'didn't meet requirements because of attendance or grades'.

In the school district's notice, it was stated that they had 'affirmed their commitment to provide necessary resources and support for all students.

Henson called a meeting last month for parents of seniors.

Henson stated at the meeting that Texas has graduation guidelines. This is not a dancing floor. This is not a pep rally for homecoming. This is graduation.

Henson said that 17 more students could graduate in June after some students completed their classroom hours and assignments.

CNN affiliate KWTX reported that the community held a graduation ceremony informally at a local church on the 27th of May, the original date the students were supposed to graduate. Some family members traveled from Mexico to attend the canceled ceremony and will not be able to return for the rescheduled graduation in June.

According to the Texas Schools report card for Marlin High Schools, 98.7% percent of students at this school come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. In the 2021-22 academic year, the school enrolled 229 students.