San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy makes nearly $1 million a year — but splits rent with a roommate and drives a Toyota SUV

NFL quarterback Brock Purdy reveals that he chooses to live with a roommate and drive a Toyota Sequoia SUV, showcasing his frugal approach to saving money. This financial mindset is not uncommon among athletes.

San Francisco quarterback Brock Purdy makes nearly $1 million a year — but splits rent with a roommate and drives a Toyota SUV

Some NFL players are known for their extravagant lifestyles, but San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy is not one of them. Despite being a starting quarterback for an undefeated team, Purdy leads a simple life. He shares rent with a teammate and drives a Toyota Sequoia SUV. Purdy's off-field life is modest, as he is currently playing on his rookie contract, which pays him $870,000 this year. He understands the short lifespan of a football career and the potential for career-ending injuries, which may explain his frugal approach.

Living in San Francisco, one of the most expensive cities in the US, also contributes to Purdy's decision to have a roommate. The high cost of living in the city makes it necessary for him to find ways to save money. Additionally, while the Toyota Sequoia may not be a cheap car, it is not a luxury sports car either. The exact details of Purdy's vehicle, such as its age and whether it was purchased new or used, are unknown.

Purdy's financial approach is not uncommon among professional athletes. Many athletes, like retired tight end Rob Gronkowski and NBA star Kawhi Leonard, prioritize saving their earnings for their post-playing careers. Gronkowski saved throughout his career to ensure financial security after football, while Leonard continued to drive his old SUV despite his high earnings. Even in baseball, New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole stuck with his 2006 Toyota Tacoma truck because it still served its purpose.

Purdy's future looks promising, as he is expected to receive a raise once his rookie contract expires. As the 49ers' starting quarterback, he has performed well and is likely to earn a higher salary in the future. Non-rookie starting quarterbacks currently earn an average of $38.06 million per year.

In conclusion, Purdy stands out among NFL players for his modest lifestyle and financial prudence. He understands the importance of saving and planning for the future, especially considering the uncertainties of a football career. Despite the temptations of a lavish lifestyle, Purdy chooses to live within his means and prioritize financial stability.