Seneca Foods Co. (NASDAQ:SENEA) Short Interest Up 17.2% in April

( ) has been the subject of a significant rise in short interest during April. On April 30, there were 87,200 shorted shares. This is an increase of 17.2% compared to the total of 74 400 shares on April 15. Around 1.7% of the stock is sold short. The days-to-cover is 1.8 days based on an average trading volume of 49,600 share.

Seneca Foods stock down 0.2 %

Trading on Friday saw a $0.08 decline, bringing the price to $48.59. The company's shares were traded at a volume of 32,941, compared to the average of 51,024. The company's 50-day average price is $50.67, and its two-hundred-day average price is $57.75. The stock's market capitalization is $369.09 millions, with a P/E ratio of 7.89. It also has a beta value of 0.68. Seneca Foods' 52-week low is $46.04; its 52-week highest is $68.74. The company last published its results on February 8th. The company posted a quarterly profit per share of $5.82. The company had revenue of $473.25 millions during the quarter. Seneca Foods' return on equity was 18.96%, and its net margin was 3.23%.

Wall Street analysts forecast growth

Seneca Foods was covered in a report published on Thursday 16th March. The company was given a rating of 'hold'.

Seneca Foods: Institutional investors weigh in

Recently, several institutional investors increased or decreased their stakes. Dorsey Wright & Associates bought a new stake of Seneca Foods valued at $27,000 in the fourth quarter. Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC bought a new stake of Seneca Foods during the third quarter, valued at about $30,000. Van ECK Associates Corp bought a new stake of approximately $32,000 in Seneca Foods during the fourth quarter. US Bancorp DE increased its stake in Seneca Foods in the third-quarter by 2,368.9%. US Bancorp DE owns now 1,111 shares valued at $56,000, after purchasing an additional 1,066 during the third quarter. National Bank of Canada FI also acquired a stake in Seneca Foods during the fourth quarter, valued at around $62,000. Hedge funds, other institutional investors and pension funds own 55.92% the stock of Seneca Foods.

Seneca Foods

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Seneca Foods Corp. is engaged in the production and sale of packaged fruit and vegetables. The company sells canned, frozen, and bottled products, as well as snack chips. The company operates in four segments: Sale of Snack Products and Snack Products; Packaging and Sales of Fruits and Vegetables; and Packaging and Sales of Prepared Food Products. offers a FREE daily email newsletter