Shake it up: Cville Social to open soon, with many more in the works

Shake it up: Cville Social to open soon, with many more in the works

Seth McMurry, his wife Cymber and their business have created a niche for themselves in the local community. The couple is involved in opening 16 energy tea/meal-replacement shakes in the local area.

Cville Social is their latest restaurant and it's located at 610 W. Poplar Ave., Collierville. They plan to hold a soft-opening on May 20.

McMurry stated, "We have set it up to be a healthy hangout." We'll be playing good music. There will be a friendly atmosphere. There will be some outdoor seating. "We'll have good Wi-Fi so people can work or study here."

When they lived in Little Rock, the McMurrys first became interested in teas and meal-replacement drinks. They thought that something similar would work in Memphis.

The Nutrition Hub opened in Germantown, and the Nutrition Bar in Poplar and Perkins was launched in 2018.

Cville Social has a cozy, warm atmosphere with a pretty wallpaper, a large flower garland made by John Mark Enterprises and comfortable chairs. This is a stark contrast to the typical model which features gleaming, white surfaces. The McMurrys wanted to create a community-oriented space.

They would like to use the high schools in their area as a place where students can study or hang out. They plan to do "tea drop" deliveries, where they give tea to teachers and nurses from the local area.

Cville Social offers Herbalife products.

McMurry explained that the meal replacement shake contains all of the nutrients, calories and proteins you would need to fuel your body. You can replace a 600-calorie, or average-calorie, meal with a 200 calorie one, but still get all the vitamins and minerals you need. This is a great way to help people lose weight, gain muscle, or do whatever else they want to without sacrificing taste.

Cinnamon toast crunch, Peanut Butter Pancake and Birthday Cake are among the shakes. Teas include Sweetart, Baja Blast and Pink Starburst.

McMurrys plan to open 50 -- yes 50 -- of these spots by 2024.

McMurry stated, "They are doing super well in small towns." They can be large or small. There is a lot of room for wiggle in this."

He said that it all comes down to taste.