Short Interest in TMC the metals company Inc. (NASDAQ:TMCWW) Grows By 687.5%

( ) saw a significant increase in short interest throughout the month of April. On April 30, there were 6,300 shares of short interest, an increase of 687.5% compared to the 800 shares on April 15. The days-to-cover is currently 0.2 days based on an average daily volume of 28,900 share.

TMC The Metals Stock Drop 5.8 %

On Friday, the stock fell $0.01 to $0.09. Stock of the company traded 28,500 shares versus its average of 30,369. The company has a moving average for the last 50 days of $0.12, and a moving average for the past two hundred days of $0.12. TMC the Metals has a low of $0.04, and a high of $0.34 in a year. offers a FREE daily email newsletter