Symrise AG (OTCMKTS:SYIEF) Short Interest Up 56.7% in May

This German company saw a significant increase in short interest in May, with over 750,000 shares being sold short. This is 56.7% higher than the April 30th total.

Symrise AG, (OTCMKTS SYIEF) saw a notable increase in short interest throughout the month of may. On May 15th there were 764,900 shorted shares. This is a 56.7% increase from the total of 488 200 shares on April 30th. The short-interest rate is currently 695.4 days based on an average daily volume of 1,100 shares.

Symrise Trading up 1.1 %

SYIEF shares rose $1.25 to $110.80 on Friday. The company traded 201 shares, as opposed to the average of 712. The company has a moving average of $113.38 for the last 50 days and $110.00 for the past two hundred days. Symrise's 12 month low is $91.57, and its 12 month high is $121.21.

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Symrise AG, a global provider of fragrances and flavorings as well as cosmetic active ingredients, raw materials, and functional ingredients, is based in Switzerland. The company operates in three segments: Scent & Care; Flavor and nutrition. The Scent and Care Segment develops, manufactures and sells cosmetic ingredients, fragrance molecules and mint scents.

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