The Kickback would bring craft beer garden, food truck hub to West Sacramento

The commercial corridor of West Sacramento may soon have a place to get craft beer and food truck eats.

The Kickback would bring craft beer garden, food truck hub to West Sacramento

A proposal has been made for a new place where you can get craft beer and food from food trucks in one of West Sacramento's most busy commercial corridors.

Leah Van Osten is a co-owner at Jefferson Boulevard's proposal The Kickback. She said that the combination of local craft beer on tap with a rotating food trucks component was inspired by other places.

Van Osten's proposal will be presented to West Sacramento's Planning Commission on April 20. "We wanted a relaxed backyard vibe", said Van Osten. "We wanted it to be child friendly."

The Kickback, located at 1526-1538 Jefferson Boulevard, would feature a 1,200 square-foot building with 15 taps for local craft beer. The site will also feature outdoor seating, gathering areas, restrooms and a children's play area. It will also have parking for 4 to 5 food trucks.

Van Osten stated that the ideal food truck lineup is to rotate monthly, with three trucks offering food, one truck serving beverages like coffee, and a fifth truck serving desserts. She said that one tap in the building could be reserved for a Nitro coffee drink.

The Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board informed the property owner that the building was no longer required.

The Kickback has similarities with The Barn, an outdoor beer garden in West Sacramento's Bridge District. It is affiliated with Drake's Brewing Co. Van Osten explained that The Kickback was on a smaller-scale and placed more emphasis on the variety of food.

She said that she had seen similar concepts in Oregon, Florida, and Orlando. These are ideas that we have taken from many different places. However, no single place has all of these elements.

Van Osten hopes to begin work as soon as the city approves. Van Osten said that the project will cost under $1 million. However, she hopes it will be less because her partner has experience in contracting.

According to records, Van Osten’s partner Shraneet Niand purchased the property, which is less than half an acres, in January 2022, for $160,000.

Van Osten says that previous owners tried to develop the site but had problems because of two large oak trees.

She said, "We have found a design which will allow people to stay and will add so much ambience."