The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper Investigates Claims Brought Against Johnson & Johnson in 'Shaken: Baby Powder on Trial' with CNN's Pamela Brown

The documentary explores the lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson claiming the company's talcum powder caused ovarian cancer.

The Whole Story with Anderson Cooper Investigates Claims Brought Against Johnson & Johnson in 'Shaken: Baby Powder on Trial' with CNN's Pamela Brown

NEW YORK (NY) - May 1, 2023 - CNN's Sunday primetime show, The Whole Story With Anderson Cooper, will investigate claims by thousands of women who claim that Johnson & Johnson’s now discontinued talc-based baby powder caused their cancers. "Shaken: Baby powder on Trial" premieres at 8pm ET Sunday, May 7, featuring exclusive reporting by CNN Chief Investigative Reporter and Anchor Pamela Brown.

Johnson & Johnson, an American institution. Tylenol is a household name, as are Band-Aid, Neutrogena and Band-Aid. The company, which has a market value of more than $400 billion dollars, can be found all over the United States. Johnson & Johnson baby powder was marketed for both children and adults. It became one of their most iconic products. Johnson & Johnson vehemently denounced the allegations that talc powder baby powder contained traces cancerous asbestos. Johnson & Johnson has consistently stated that their product is safe and does not contain asbestos or cause cancer. Despite that, Johnson & Johnson is facing nearly 40,000 lawsuits based on these allegations.

Brown said: "This is about the loyalty that consumers have for the brands and products to which they are loyal. Few companies have the brand recognition of Johnson & Johnson and hospitals have been distributing their talc-based baby powder for years to mothers and babies. Our reporting reveals the uncertainty and skepticism some feel towards the brand.

Brown interviews attorneys from both sides in the case – Jerome Block for the plaintiffs, and Allison Brown, attorney for Johnson & Johnson. She also interviews Senator Dick Durbin of the Senate Judiciary on Johnson & Johnson’s attempts to create a subsidiary to handle its talc liability and to limit its exposure to bankruptcy court litigation.

CNN Original The Whole Story With Anderson Cooper will be streamed live to pay TV subscribers on, CNN OTT, and mobile apps, under 'TV Channels', or CNNgo, where available, starting Sunday, 8pm ET. "Shaken": Baby Powder Trial will be available on Demand for pay TV subscribers starting Monday, May 8, via and CNN apps as well as Cable Operator Platforms.

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