This 28-Year-Old Pays $62 a Month to Live in a Dumpster He Built for $5,000—Take a Look Inside

space. Harrison Marshall, a struggling artist in London, found an interesting way to save on rent: he turned a dumpster into a tiny home. For $5,000, Harrison was able to make his 25-square-foot space into a comfortable and livable home.

This 28-Year-Old Pays $62 a Month to Live in a Dumpster He Built for $5,000—Take a Look Inside

Harrison's tiny house is situated on a vacant lot in South London. He was given the land by an arts charity named Antepavilion.

I was given a grassy, empty lot to build my home on in Southwark. The construction process began in December 2022 and lasted three weeks. As an architect I was familiar with similar projects and had the necessary tools. It was easy to move the tiny house from the construction site onto the grassy lot.

Harrison admits that it is difficult to clean up in his small home. Harrison gets his water outside from a hose and stores it in glass jars.

For Wi-Fi I use a dongle that is connected to my mobile data. This allows me to watch Netflix on my laptop and make Zoom calls. The entrance to the home is through a hatch and a ladder.

Four wooden boxes are built into my wardrobe to store my clothes. The limited space is perfect for me because I have always led a minimalist lifestyle and travel a lot. Harrison's mezzanine style double bed has plenty of space thanks to the arched roof.

The other end of the room is the kitchen. Harrison cooks a lot of one-pot dishes and eats with friends a lot.

It's outside so I have to leave the house every time I go. The shower is also not available, so for the near future I will use the ones at work and the gym. Harrison's toilet is located outside the tiny house.

This is a fantastic location in London. The attention has been my biggest challenge. Harrison's tiny home has allowed him to live alone, which is a luxury in London. It also has heightened the discussion about London rent prices.

It's been a rollercoaster ride, but I have turned it into an artwork. It was a great experience and I am grateful for the sponsorship. However, I wouldn't recommend it. I hope to move out as soon as possible, but I won't swap it for no savings or a damp, small room. Design studio specializing in impact and community-based projects. He has a Master's in Architecture and worked on over 50 projects around the world. Harrison uses his experience and passion for social impact in order to create experiences which spark joy and reflection. Subscribe to our new newsletter!