US, South Korea, Japan Express Concern Over North Korea's 'Malicious' Cyber Activities

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SEOUL (Reuters ) - In a statement released on Friday, the United States, South Korea, and Japan expressed their deep concern about North Korea's cyber activities that support its weapons programme.

Officials and experts from the U.S., and its allies, say that the crypto currency funds that were stolen by North Korean hackers are a major source of funding for the country's sanctions-hit weapons programme.

The statement used the acronym for North Korea to say, "We are concerned that overseas DPRK workers continue to use forged nationalities and identities" in order to evade U.N. sanction and raise money for missile programmes.

The statement stated that "we are deeply concerned by the DPRK's support of these programmes, including the theft and laundering of funds as well the gathering of information via malicious cyber activities."

This week, South Korea's nuclear ambassador met with his U.S. counterpart and Japanese counterpart in Seoul and condemned North Korea for its weapons tests.