Wages up significantly in April, along with record unemployment

Wages up significantly in April, along with record unemployment

Last month, wages in the metro area alone increased significantly. This was also true for all of California.

According to the Alabama Department of Labor, Alabama's unemployment rate in April was adjusted for season and stood at 2.2%. This is a new low for Alabama in a long line of lows. In March, it was 2.3% and in April 2022, 2.5%. In April, the U.S. unemployment was at 3.4%.

According to the Alabama Governor's Office, the number of workers in April reached a new record, with 2,29 million people, or roughly 3,400 more than in March.

According to the Labor Department, the state's participation rate in the labor force also increased. The rate was up to 56.8% from 56.7%. It will be 57.2% by April 2022. In April, the U.S. labor participation rate was 62.6%.

The average weekly earnings in the state rose to $1,023.12 from $992.10 per week in March, and $995.44 per week in April 2022. Birmingham-Hoover's metro area had an average weekly income of $1,105.54, compared to $1,066.72 for March and $1066.95 for April 2022.

The Birmingham-Hoover metropolitan area unemployment rate was 1.6% on a seasonally adjusted basis in April. This is down from 1.8% for March and 1.9% for April 2022.