Wall Financial (TSE:WFC) Trading Up 3.7%

during mid-day trading, a decline of 97% from the average daily volume of 3,836 shares. The stock had previously closed at C$17.16. The stock price of Wall Financial Co. went up by 3.7% on Wednesday. 101 shares were traded during mid-day, which is 97% lower than the average daily volume.

The share price of ) increased by 3.7% on Wednesday. The stock reached a high of C$17.80 before trading at C$17.80. Around 101 shares changed hands in mid-day trading. This is a 96% decrease from the daily average of 2,551 share. The stock closed previously at C$17.16.

Wall Financial stock up 3.7 %

The company's 50-day moving price is C$17.09, and its 200-day moving price is C$15.04. The company has a market cap of C$577.61m, a PE of 12.28, and a beta value of 0.77. A recent annual dividend was also announced by the firm. It was paid out on Friday, 3rd March. The dividend was paid to stockholders who were in the books on Friday, 17th February. The ex-dividend day was Thursday, 16th February. This is a 15.96% dividend yield. Wall Financial has a payout ratio of 206.90%.

Wall Financial Company Profile

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Wall Financial Corporation and its subsidiaries operate as an investment company for real estate in Canada. The company operates in three segments: Rental, Hotel, and Development. The company manages commercial and residential properties as well as hotels, and also develops and sells housing properties.

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