WEMIX (WEMIX) Self Reported Market Capitalization Tops $174.25 Million

million worth of WEMIX was traded on exchanges in the last day. One WEMIX coin can now be purchased for about $0.0223 or 0.00000406 BTC on major cryptocurrency exchanges. WEMIX falls 15.3% in value against the US dollar in a single day, trading for around $0.0223 or 0.00000406 BTC on major exchan

WEMIX has a capitalization of $174.25 millions and was worth approximately $6.61million on the exchanges last day. WEMIX's value against the U.S. Dollar has fallen 34.5% in the past seven days. Exchanges currently sell one WEMIX coin for $0.70, or 0.00002607 BTC.

The performance of other crypto currencies over the past day is shown below:

KILT Protocol, or KILT, has traded down 5.7% in relation to the dollar. It is now trading at $0.37 (0.00001405 BTC).

Aidi Finance BSC (AIDI) has traded down 2.2% in relation to the dollar, and is now trading at $0.0000 or 0.00000000 BTC.

Zoo Token (ZOOT), which trades for $0.0652, or 0.00000239 BTC, has fallen 2.2% in value against the dollar.

CareCoin (CARES), which is a cryptocurrency, has traded at $0.0809 per dollar or 0.00000297 BTC.

OmniaVerse, or OMNIA, has traded at $0.0025 (or 0.00000009 BTC) after a 0.5% decline against the dollar.

Kitty Inu, or KITTY, is now trading at $95.84 (0.00338062 BTC) after a 1.9% increase against the dollar.

Hokkaidu Inu, or HOKK, is now trading at $0.0004 (0.00000002 BTC) after gaining 1.8% in value against the dollar.

Lego Coin (LEGO), which trades for $0.0160, or 0.00000060 Bitcoins, is down 2.5% against the dollar.

Jeff in Space (JEFF), which trades for $2.75, or 0.00010076 BTC, has fallen 2.2% in value against the dollar.

Lumi Credits (LUMI), which trades for $0.0075, or 0.00000028 BTC, is down 2.9% against the dollar.

Launch date is June 17, 2020. WEMIX has a total supply of 964,433,279 and a circulating supply of 250,555,570. The official website of WEMIX is

CryptoCompare reports that 'WEMIX is a cryptocurrency which was launched in 2020. WEMIX currently has a supply of 964 354,078.7422305 and 250 472,070.21843645 are in circulation. WEMIX's last known price is 0.81765057 US dollars, down by -1.54 in the last 24 hour. The currency is trading on 42 market(s), with $7,190.923.08 worth of trades in the last 24 hour. You can find more information at the URL.

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