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A shopping trip taught Barbara Corcoran a valuable career lesson: ‘7 simple words made me a much nicer person'

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Barbara Corcoran, a co-star on the TV show “Shark Tank,” shared a lesson she learned from a negative retail experience. While trying to purchase mascara, Corcoran encountered an unhelpful sales associate who ignored her. She became angry until her brother reminded her to consider the associate’s perspective. This experience taught Corcoran the importance of empathy in business. Being kind not only improves one’s own outlook but also makes a person more relatable and trustworthy. Mark Cuban, another co-star on “Shark Tank,” also highlighted the value of kindness in business and how it positively impacted his own career. Developing empathy is a valuable soft skill that can be practiced by listening attentively and showing understanding during conversations. It can help individuals better understand how others think and feel.