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Most employer health plans don't cover new blockbuster weight loss drugs, but that's going to change

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Consumers are interested in weight loss drugs like Wegovy and Zepbound, despite the high monthly cost. Most corporate health insurance plans cover GLP-1 drugs for diabetes but only a quarter cover them for weight loss. However, more companies are expected to start offering coverage for obesity treatments. Employers are grappling with the cost of covering weight loss drugs and the lack of long-term data on their effectiveness and side effects. Prescription volumes for GLP-1 weight loss drugs are increasing. Employers are concerned about the annual cost of covering these drugs per employee. Companies that already cover weight loss drugs believe it is worth it due to improved employee satisfaction and health. Employers consider factors like BMI and obesity diagnosis when designing coverage plans. Consumers can try to save on these drugs by checking if they are eligible for savings programs offered by the manufacturers.