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Ukraine war live updates: Tucker Carlson teases interview with Vladimir Putin; Russia launches missiles strikes on major cities

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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson is set to interview Russian President Vladimir Putin, making him the first Western journalist to do so since Russia invaded Ukraine two years ago. Carlson, a conservative media figure critical of Western support for Ukraine, released a video claiming that Western media outlets have not bothered to interview Putin. The interview will be published on Carlson’s media startup. The Kremlin has not commented on the interview. Meanwhile, Russia launched missile attacks on Ukrainian cities, causing injuries and cutting off electricity. Ukraine also claimed that it destroyed a drilling platform used by Russia in the Black Sea and a two-month-old baby was killed in a Russian strike. Russian forces claim to have occupied advantageous positions in Donetsk. Additionally, Ukraine’s leadership shake-up is expected to have no impact on its relations with Western allies.